Over the last ten years short film production has risen significantly, along with it the technical, artistic and business skills of a new generation of filmmakers.

Short film is becoming a respected and legitimate art form in its own right and an increasingly fascinating area for analysis and debate.

This one-day symposium intends to discuss how the aesthetic nature of the form has developed through this recent growth.

Speakers include Sarah Pucill (Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster and award winning experimental short filmmaker), Virginia Heath (Senior Lecturer at Northern Media School and award-winning short fiction filmmaker) and Kate Taylor (short film programmer including Halloween Festival and editor of Northern Film Network).

Organised by the INC Research Group and MIRIAD in conjunction with exposures UK Student Film Festival 2006.

This event takes place at Manchester Metropolitan University, Chatham Building Lecture, Theatre 101, Manchester.
The symposium is free. For more information and to register your interest in advance, please go to