Mayflies: evening screening and discussion.

The Mayflies Screening Programme is a single, sit-down, cinema-style screening. The films expand on the live works by offering an off-kilter sense of projected space. Many of the pieces are set in the interiors of houses that have taken on a threatening hue, and others inhabit streets where something subtle is amiss. At turns funny, magical, dark and absurd, these landscapes display a psychotic sense of abandon.

Artists are George Barber, John Bock, Deborah Bower, Wojciech Bruszewski, Rose Butler, Michelle Handelman, Nick Jordan, Vladimir Logutov, Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley, Ben Rivers and Michelle Williams.

We hope to welcome several of the artists to join BBB Johannes Deimling for a post-screening discussion. The ticket price include one free drink at the event.

Mayflies at Cornerhouse is part of a series of three one-day art events happening across the North of England. The project is part of Digital North and has been curated by Robin Close, Ilana Mitchell and Kate Taylor.