Mayflies: daytime events

German performance artist BBB Johannes Deimling challenges our daily experiences with a presentation in the public spaces of the building throughout the day. His performance, titled Don’t Hurt Me, will involve the physical attachment of objects to his body, creating an unsettling effect.

Deimling’s invoking of the uncanny through the abject is echoed by Kleinodtotsod a video work by John Bock that hints at the malevolent nature of domestic space. Described as one of the most interesting characters of today’s German art scene, Bock has shown internationally including at the ICA, London, Venice Biennale, and Manifesta 5.

The John Bock video’s nightmarish and absurd scenario will play all day in Gallery 3. This is his first screening in Manchester.

Mayflies at Cornerhouse is part of a series of three one-day art events happening across the North of England. The project is part of Digital North and has been curated by Robin Close, Ilana Mitchell and Kate Taylor.