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Masterclass/ Blue Zoo HooDoo

Hoodoo is a VR short film created by Blue Zoo director Catherine Salkeld. Formed in 2000, the BAFTA winning Blue Zoo have quickly established themselves as one of the UK’s largest animation production houses. Join director Catherine Salkeld and Blue Zoo co-founder and producer Tom Box for a behind the scenes look at the film which premiers at this years festival.

In Hoodoo we follow Claw, an adventurous cat on a trip deep in the heart of a ancient mountain range. Where he’s looking for a mythical bell said to bring ruin or untold riches to who hears it ring. Claw and the viewer end up finding and consequently ringing the bell but incite ruin when they awaken a Yeti. Things get worse when the locals get caught up in the drama and suddenly lives are at stake, namely Claw’s as the precarious hoodoo crumbles away. In a final stand the viewer has the final say in whether Claw lives or dies through the VR experience. Should the viewer save Claw they’re rewarded with fireworks and celebration. Should they fail then the Yeti takes Claw over the edge.

Hoodoo has been created for Vive to immerse the viewer in a fully interactive storytelling experience, unlike other VR films, in Hoodoo the viewer can walk around the set picking the optimum viewpoint to enjoy the story.