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Manchester Folk Festival 2019: Ian Stephenson : Modulate

Ian Stephenson is one of England’s most exciting and varied artists, known for his stunning guitar and melodeon playing in innovative folk bands such as Kan and Baltic Crossing.

As part of his current tenure as an Associate Artist at Sage Gateshead and his residency at English Folk Dance and Song Society, he debuts his new solo performance Modulate, which builds on his highly regarded solo album of 2011 and innovates with emerging looping and projection technologies to create a truly immersive experience in sound and light, also featuring guest singer Kitty MacFarlane.

The audience will witness Stephenson building up tracks before their eyes, layering musical elements, and hearing them return, often in unexpected ways and synchronised with lights and textures. Instruments glow when they are about to be picked up and there is dramatic use of light and shade.

With special guest Kitty MacFarlane.

This event is part of Manchester Folk Festival – an urban folk festival. It takes place from 15-20 October 2019, in and around HOME and the city centre. Over the autumn weekend, they present an exhilarating range of events, with the spotlight on contemporary and traditional English folk music.