Madz (Beat Boxer) and DJ Wondergupta

Madz is a 20 year old from Damascus, Syria, who has practiced and performed the art of beatboxing on streets and stages. Growing up as a teenage refugee in Europe he became inspired by different genres of electronic music. He was passionate to develop a way of combining beatboxing with electronic music, and has pushed his musical and performing skills to outstanding levels through the years. Madz has developed ‘beatboxing and compassion’ sessions with Music Action International for young children and teenagers.

“Music and beatboxing was the thing that helped me when I came to this country. I met so many amazing people and now I love to pass on my skills to fellow human beings”

Sashwati Mira Sengupta is an arts & culture curator, producer, DJ and musician. Her work is directed by an internationalist outlook influenced by her beginnings in Jamaica, and youth spent in Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh and Tyneside. Her global musical vision developed while studying music at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Tonight as DJ Wondergupta she will be playing a radical upbeat and global set for you to dance the night away to. Come and celebrate the arrival of refugee week with her in the Cafe Bar.

Kaveh Soory was born on 24 of September 1980, two days before Iran-Iraq war, in one of the middle level living complexes in east of Tehran-Iran. In those days , music was Haram ( forbidden) and there was no official production of music inside the country.

This canon became a good motivation for him to become a self taught guitarist. He migrated to UK in 1999 and settled in Manchester since then. He could produce his own conceptual album, Koozeh, in 2015 which is available on sound cloud. This album is privileged by lyrics from two contemporary post modern poets, who also live in exile for the sake of their Arts. The song Called “Tehran” written by Fatemeh Ekhtesari is the story of a woman who live in a society which is controlled by religious authorities.

Kaveh’s main instrument is guitar and vocal ,but he is also engaged with Studio composition and live recording. His concern, in his music, is mainly human right and anti-war. Also, he wrote “The Cat” single, which is talking about the last few hours of a cat’s life in a society where animal right is not respected. He is undergraduate in Popular Music and Recording at Salford University.

  • Free, drop in
  • The performers are Madz (Beat Boxer), Kaveh and DJ Wondergupta. This is a Music Action International showcase.
  • Performance times are: Madz & Kaveh 20.00 – 21.00, DJ Wondergupta 22.00 – 23.30