Louis Henderson: Echoes

Echoes contemplates the invited people and films that have played a considerable part in the sculpting of Henderson’s new commission and exhibition Overtures. Louis Henderson’s exhibition Overtures opens on Fri 20 Apr.

Previously in this season

The Sea Is History and Lettres du Voyant

Join us for a Q&A with award-winning artist Louis Henderson following the screening of two of his films, The Sea Is History and Lettres du…

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The Sea Is History and Lettres du Voyant Q&A

We will be joined by award-winning artist Louis Henderson for a Q&A following the screening of two of his films.

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A perfect coupling of literary source material and a unique cinematic sensibility, Zama weaves a magical spell.

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Louis Chude-Sokei plus The Otolith Group

We will be joined by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun of The Otolith Group for a Q&A following the screening.

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Double Bill/ Spell Reel + Sol Negro

Two remarkable films that explore the notion of crisis and its effects through fictional storytelling and archive material re-imagined.

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Le Fort de Fous

A community of young nomads and wanderers form an imagined utopian society in response to imperialist rule.

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Triple Bill/ Wutharr, Saltwater Dreams + Night Time Go + Mermaids, Mirror Worlds

The Karrabing Film Collective is a grassroots Indigenous based media group. Filmmaking provides a means of self-organization and social analysis for the Karrabing and their…

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