London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on Tour 2008

This selection from the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on Tour presents a celebration of the best in new queer cinema from around the world.

The season will coincide with Manchester Pride (Friday 15 to Monday 25 August) which is celebrating its 18th birthday in 2008.

Previously in this Festival

Finn’s Girl

Enjoyable Canadian thriller. After struggling to come to terms with her partner's death, Finn throws herself into her work at the abortion clinic. But her…

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Breakfast With Scot

Scot, with his love of flamboyant clothes and musicals, is not like most 11 year old boys. When his mother dies and he enters a…

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She’s a Boy I Knew

A compelling and rather charming documentary which uses home movies, fascinating in-depth interviews and animation to chart Steven's transgender transition to Gwen and the effects…

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Otto; Or, Up With Dead People

Once seen, never forgotten. Bruce LaBruce's take on the zombie movie tells the tale of Otto, a gay teenage zombie struggling to adapt to the…

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