Ever wondered who gets to think up marketing campaigns for films and influence where audiences see films?

Join us for an insider’s guide to what film distributors actually do, from acquisition (which films they buy and why?) to release (where, when and how they get shown) and what that really means for the lifecycle of a film.

Other Parties, a new company formed and led by Black and Brown film professionals to bring vibrancy to UK film and challenge industry conventions will be chatting to our host Mikaela (Programme Manager at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield), and sharing their experience of setting up their own, industry-disrupting distribution company after working on a number of high-profile film campaigns like Parasite.

Find out about the training programmes that got them into companies like Protagonist Pictures, Soda Pictures and Vertigo, what it takes to work in the industry, and their inspiring vision for a better future in distribution.

A session for anyone who loves cinema, and wants a glimpse into how marketing, PR, buying content and influencing audiences works as an industry. A brilliant session for budding marketeers, financial whizzes or up and coming producers who want the inside scoop on how to get distributors to buy their films!

About Other Parties 

Led by Black and Brown film professionals who have worked with various independent distributors, broadcasters, exhibitors, festivals, sales and PR companies. With over 15 years of collective experience Aneet Nijjar (Director of Distribution), Aduke King (Acquisitions & Development Executive) and Amanpreet Dosanji (Head of Digital & Partnerships) have a distinct vision for the future of film distribution in the UK. Their first film release hit UK cinema’s in October 2021 Elegance Bratton’s stunning documentary Pier Kids.

This is a free online event.

This activity is part of the UK-wide BFI Film Academy programme and is supported using funds from the National Lottery #NationalLottery @bfifilmacademy. BFI Film Academy North is led in partnership by HOME, Manchester and Showroom Cinema, Sheffield working with a wide-ranging group of exhibitors and filmmakers throughout the region.

Open to 16-25 year olds. This is a free online event.

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