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Lab #4 Development – finding bold stories that break boundaries

A webinar with Alexandra Blue, Development Producer at Eleven Film (the company behind boundary-breaking Drama Sex Education) in conversation with Jen Corcoran, producer at Freya Films, where you will find out what exactly a development producer does, what a development slate is and how to build one with talent and companies.

In this session, Alexandra and Jen will will cover how to spot, work with and develop talent and IP that gets noticed & financed.

Especially useful for producers, or people interesting in producing, who want to find out how to develop a slate that champions ambitious, ground breaking storytelling.

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This activity is part of the UK-wide BFI Film Academy programme and is supported using funds from the National Lottery #NationalLottery @bfifilmacademy. BFI Film Academy North is led in partnership by HOME, Manchester and Showroom Cinema, Sheffield working with a wide-ranging group of exhibitors and filmmakers throughout the region.

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash