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La Teta y la luna + Intro & Post Screening Discussion

Introduced by Dr Abigail Loxham, University of Liverpool. Join us for a post-screening discussion led by Dr Abigail Loxham and Prof. Santiago Fouz Hernández following the screening. This talk and post-screening discussion will be BSL interpreted.


Film details

While maintaining Bigas Luna’s characteristically high quota of naked breasts on screen in this third part of the Iberian Trilogy, this coming-of-age comedy is a distinctly gentler affair. In a small town in Catalonia, nine-year-old Tete frets at the arrival of his new baby brother, and jealously dreams of drinking from his mother’s breasts again. Appealing to the moon to send him his own personal mammary glands, an exotic French dancer called Estrellita duly arrives in town. But in a playful love triangle style she has rival claims for her attention – her performing partner Maurice, with some unusual stage talents, and local lovelorn teenager Miguel. This surreal fantasy is a charming fairy tale about love’s young dream.

The Bigas Luna Tribute is curated by Prof. Santiago Fouz Hernández, University of Durham, and Betty Bigas, multidisciplinary artist and daughter of Bigas Luna.