Japanese Film After Mr Pink

KILL BILL demonstrates the influence that Japanese cinema has had on Quentin Tarantino. Less known is the influence the American director has exerted on Japanese cinema. Like their hero, these young, independent directors have grown up in video shops and embrace digital technology, sampling films from the past to create new images and styles. Season continues in the first days of Feb with SHARK SKIN MAN AND PEACH HIP GIRL and THE LOVED GUN. For further reading, see the Japan Foundation e-newsletter (issue no.12): For full programme details see www.jpf.org.uk/newsletter.html For more contemporary Japanese cinema this month, please see details of our evening course (Japanes Cinema: Part Two) and Kore-Eda’s moving film NOBODY KNOWS.Season Pass: See all 6 films for £21 full / £15 concs.

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