Italian Women on Screen

To many, Sofia Loren is a well known name, a confident, beautiful and wonderful actress that lit up our screens. However, in Italy she was one of a number of equally well known women working both in front of the camera as well as behind that have over the last 50 years brought a new dimension and perspectives to Italian film-making. Drawing past and contemporary examples of the work of these Italian actresses and female film directors, this course will look at the changing social background of Italy since the 1940s and how the role of women has evolved and adapted in response to those changes. The individual sessions will provide ample opportunities for discussion.

The course will be led by Adalgisa Serio, Italian Lecturer at The Manchester College and CDLCI; regular contributor to Italian film and educational courses at Cornerhouse and co-author of “Collana Cinema Italia” published by Edilingua.


Beginners’ level – no prior knowledge required.

£60 full / £45 concessions

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