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Iris on the Move/ Best of Iris 2021 Q&A

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Adam Ali, co-director of Baba, and Neil Ely, co-director and writer of S.A.M.

Film details

This short film programme features four new works from the 2021 Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival, including the Manchester filmed Baba.

Films in this programme are:

Baba (Dir Sam Arbor & Adam Ali) – Living in the tunnels beneath Tripoli, a queer Libyan teenager, Britannia, dreams of escape to a better life, but an unexpected discovery forces him to question whether to stay or flee from his homeland and his friends.

We Will Become Better – Sansara (Dir Andzej Gavriss) – Russian indie band Sansara made this music video as a tribute to Russia’s LGBT+ community, 12 months after the country passed legislation defining marriage solely as the union of man and woman.

Cwch Deilen (Dir Efa Blosse-Mason) – An animated love story about a leaf which becomes a boat, and must face up to its fears as they emerge from the murky waters as sea monsters and storms.

S.A.M. (Dir Lloyd Eyre-Morgan & Neil David Ely) – Two young men form a connection on the swings of their local park.