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Industry Excellence Award: Writing Workshop

Two writers staffed at Brown Bag Films here in Manchester are stepping in to give you a look at what it takes to write for children’s animated television. You’ll get an overview of the industry at large; a glimpse into the differences between writing for US and UK audiences; a very loose and completely ill-defined how-to guide for breaking in; and an in-depth look at taking an episode from pitch to page to screen. You’ll even have a chance to dive in and break a story in an impromptu writer’s room. Or we can skip all that and just watch “Toy Story”. Your call on the day.

Your workshop will be hosted by Liam Farrell, a Junior Staff Writer with credits on Nickelodeon and CBeebies and Jim Nolan, an Emmy-nominated Co-Story Editor with credits on Nickelodeon, Netflix and Disney. They look forward to taking you to infinity and beyond! Or you know, doing the workshop. Your call. On the day.

Note: A volunteer will take you over to the workshop, there will be a meeting point in the foyer at HOME.