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Illustrator for Beginners

llustrator’s huge array of digital drawing features makes it a favourite amongst illustrators and print designers for creating flexible, scalable graphics that can be printed in various formats, mediums and sizes without loosing any details and resolution.

It is also very useful to design all sorts of projects that can be realised with laser cutters from intricate pop up cards, badges, jewelry all the way up to three dimensional sculptures and furniture (check out these amazing examples in Creativebloq and Wired)

Get familiar with the fundamentals of this powerful tool in this two-day introductory course, led by Digital Creative Sally Olding. You will learn how to use the basic geometric object and drawing tools, apply meshes, gradients and blends, work with type and layers and create compound shapes and bitmap tracings.

No previous experience of Illustrator is required but you will need to be computer literate.

You can either book a space that include the use of a laptop with Illustrator or bring your own laptop (it must have Illustrator on it of course!), you just need to specify which option you want at booking stage.