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Ikebana workshop for beginners

Ikebana is an ancient Japanese art form that grew from offering seasonal flowers to Buddha. It is a simple method of flower arrangement but also highly disciplined; placing emphasis upon shape, line and form. The materials are living branches, leaves, grasses and blossoms. At its heart is the beauty resulting from colour, natural shapes and graceful lines, and the total combination of the arrangement. The influence of minimalism is strongly felt.

Using this specific method, this workshop aims in a broader sense to encourage participants to interpret and ‘feel’ materials, enabling greater confidence in choices made instinctively as a channel for creative expression.

The class will be taught by native Japanese Ikebana tutor, Junko, who brings the spirit of Ikebana to the modern British city of Manchester.

Price £45 (limited to 15 participants) includes:

  • The cost of seasonal flowers provided by Junko, which you will take home at the end of the class
  • A Japanese tea break part-way through the afternoon
  • 3 approaches using different containers prior to your final take-home presentation

Workshop participants must bring the following items:

  • Your own VASE, slim/tall. 25cm -30cm high, not too wide a mouth (less than 10cm wide is ideal). If you do not have one, you can contact Junko via ikebanaeastwest@gmail.comto order one from her stock at the additional price of £12. Then she will bring it for you on the day of the workshop.
  • Small hand towel or tea towel
  • One or two plastic bags