How To Write A Successful Adaptation

Not every short story is film material, and not every literary diamond waiting to be fashioned stands out as obvious source material when first read. This talk will explore the structures and devices that short films demand of their stories, and highlights the subtle but essential dramatic changes that adaptations demand. Lead by leading producer and script developer Paul Welsh.

About the Speaker

Paul Welsh has written two shorts, The Harvest (2006) and The Lovers (2000), and produced over 20. As a producer, he has worked on DigiCult, the award winning Scottish digital film project, and runs an independent production company developing a slate of features with international talent and emerging Scottish writer/directors. Working closely with ex-EIFF Artistic Director Lizzie Francke, Paul currently heads-up feature and short film development for one of the UK’s largest regional screen agencies, EM Media. He is also currently working on the film adaptation of Rachel Seifert’s novel The Dark Room.