Hong Sangsoo: Between Men and Women

Korean master Hong Sangsoo’s films have always been popular amongst international cinema fans, but oddly UK distribution hasn’t followed. We present a selection of Hong’s wry and witty unravellings of tangled sexual relationships.

Curated by the Independent Cinema Office in partnership with the Korean Cultural Centre.

Previously in this season

The Turning Gate

Out-of-work actor Kyungsoo accepts an invitation to scenic Chuncheon, only to find that he’s expected to help his old friend to seduce a dance teacher…

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Woman is the Future of Man

This wry, sharp comedy follows two old college friends whose decision to look up a girl they both once dated has consequences which threaten both…

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Night & Day

Paranoid that the Korean cops are about to arrest him for smoking dope, painter Sungnam flees to Paris.

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The Power of Kangwon Province

Kangwon is Korea’s East-coast resort province, and this brilliant piece of modernist storytelling presents two seemingly distinct stories about residents of Seoul taking short breaks…

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Woman on the Beach

Kim takes his buddy Changwook and Changwook’s potential girlfriend Moonsook to Shinduri Beach, for a working break. But Kim's manipulative and emotionally immature habits soon…

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