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HOME’s Young Programmers 2018-19

HOME Young programmers are a group of five young people who programme quarterly screenings under the name One of Us.

The film screenings are a safe space to experience cinema and be reminded of life’s mysterious and sacred things. Come with friends, come alone, come as you are. The group are Ellen Smith, Joseph Hayward, Kate Roper, Lucy Grayson and William Clare.

One of Us Manifesto
We are Ellen Smith, Joseph Hayward, Kate Roper, Lucy Grayson and William Clare, also known as One of Us. We are a film programming collective offering an eclectic quarterly film night at HOME for young people. We are committed to the creation of a welcoming safe space where young people from across the region can come and engage with cinema.

Come alone, come with no previous knowledge of cinema, come having never walked into a cinema before, we don’t care. We want to encourage a communal, relaxed cinema experience that you can make whatever you like, a place where you can discover some weird and wonderful films on your own terms.

We don’t believe in gatekeeping, in elitism, in separating cinema into the highbrow or the lowbrow. But we definitely do think it is important that the programming we do is bold and radical. We want to take risks and reject the safe option. We want to celebrate the alternative, the less established, the less celebrated. We want our programming to be attuned and responsive to current issues and debates. We want to create discussion, but also just have some fun, and provide some escape from this strange world we find ourselves in.