HOME BFI Film Academy: 10th Anniversary Year (2021)

We recruited 17 talented young filmmakers to take part in our tenth BFI Film Academy running from Oct-Dec 2021. Over 40 young people applied for this unique opportunity.

The HOME BFI Film Academy covers everything from practical filmmaking to film theory, programming, distribution and certification. It involves approximately 80 hours of training over 2 months and participants are guided through each stage by a team of industry professionals. As part of the project the group created a short fiction film.

Their final short film is the story of Claire who, when confronted by the death of her sister, Hannah, uncovers a huge secret.

Click on a participants name below to find out how they got on during the academy by reading their personal blog.

Participants: Abid Ali, Aimee Hankinson, Alishbah Ahmed, Billy Currid, Connie Ashpole, Elijah Darling, Ellenor Percival, Elyse Lord, Harriet Flanagan, Josef Connolly-Cole, Katherine Crompton, Luca Simi, Jessica Ball, Megan Heald, Saleem Islam, Fin Woods, Talissa Shakouri.

Cast: Sarah Duncan, Michaela Longden, Christopher Deakin, Kris Overend, Rosie Stuart, Judith Chan, Lucy Grayson, Connie Ashpole, Katherine Crompton and Megan Heald.

Workshop Leaders: John Grey, Judith Chan, Will Morris
Film Theory Course Tutor: Ellen Smith
Project Assistants: Lucy Grayson, Issy Glenton
HOME Engagement Coordinator: Ally Davies
HOME Engagement Producer: Rosie Stuart
HOME Young People’s Training Manager: Kris Overend