Halloween Special/ Trick or Treat

Every year we like to put something on for those of you who fancy a spooked out trip to our cinemas on Halloween. This year we thought we’d leave the choice to you and the winner is… The Thing (1982). Thanks to an active email campaign from passionate fans you can see The Thing at a special one-off late night screening on Sat 31 October and at our Breakfast Club screening slot the next morning, on Sun 1 November.

Described by voters as “An often overlooked classic” this John Carpenter directed film is a perfect, gore filled, over-the-top horror tale and it fits the bill perfectly for All Hallows Eve and we hope you agree. Enjoy!

The Thing
still from the thing
Sat 31 October 22:30 & Sun 1 November 12:00
B-movie supremo John Carpenter darkens our Halloween skies with arguably his best film. Kurt Russell heads a team of Antarctic scientists who unwittingly allow refuge to an alien life form like no other. A recently digitally remastered genre classic.