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Guest Show & Tell: Manifest Calling 2017

This July, we are giving the Show & Tell reins to our friends at Manifest, an artist-led festival aiming to showcase the talent of North West contemporary artists. Discover the regional art scene with artists making lightening presentations about their current projects, experiments or sources of inspiration. What better way to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon?

Speakers include:

  • Sandra Bouguerch. Artist Sandra Bouguerch frequently has residencies abroad, especially the hot climbs of Morocco, but recently she was ensconced in a tower in Ireland.
  • Paul Dodgson. The desire to tell stories has led Paul Dodgson to become skillful in filmmaking, animation, puppetry, live action, scripted dialogue, performance and ritual. The results are personal and eclectic.
  • Anne Louise Kershaw. There appears to be little that Anne Louise Kershaw, has not already done in the arts, significant as an artist and organiser, with a particular interest in radical feminism.
  • Irwell House. Artist’s studios are in a state of flux at the moment, Irwell House is the latest to appear on the horizon, and they will give us an overview of it’s aims and aspirations.
  • Denis Whiteside, an expert printmaker, text and literature regularly appear in his work, Manifest recommend attending his workshops at his studio in Bolton.
  • James Bloomfield. It can clearly be seen that war, propaganda, capitalism, consumerism and social conditioning, are James Bloomfield’s subjects, he deconstructs the ideas and re-represents them as objects in a new light.
  • Emily Tilzey. Emily creates sculptures and installations, combining objects and colours found in the surrounding environment.
  • Ruby Tingle, a multidisciplinary artist, combining visual arts with performance in a unique way,  represented by and in residence at PAPER Gallery Manchester.
  • Danielle Swindells, emerging film maker and 2017 winner of the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprise Awards for Film.
  • Penthouse, an Art collective in the vanguard of contemporary and experimental art and curation.