Great Women Poets

Born in India, liked and studied in the USA and now resides in Bremen, Sujata has published three collections of poetry. She works as a freelance writer and has translated Gujarati poetry into English for the Penguin Anthology of Contemporary Indian Women Poets.
Her two poetry collections are Close Relatives and The Handless Maiden which won a Heinemann Prize. Her recent work celebrates the extreames of femininity from sensuality to violence but always managing to write poems that don’t shut out men.
Catherine has published three collections of poetry, most recently Altered States and many novels for children. Her poems have appeared in many anthologies Twentieth Century Anglo-Welsh Poetry, Oxygen and The Forward Book of poetry 2001.
Jackie lives in Manchester and is one of Britain’s best known poets. Her three books, The Adoption Papers, Other Lovers and Off Colour have sold thousands of copies. Jackie’s new collection, Life Mask focuses on love, loss and mistaken and secret identity.