Genre Case Study: British Horror

Recommended for: A2 Media and AS/A2 Film Studies

Capacity: 158 places

The event will trace the development of the ‘repertoire of elements’ in the horror genre in British Cinema. It will look at the development of the genre over time and explore the influence of films from other cultures. Using a range of film extracts, the event will address the concerns of A2 modules in Film and Media Studies (all specifications), and the new AS in Film Studies.

This event is open to 14-19 year olds and their personal tutors only.

Led by Roy Stafford, Freelance Film Lecturer

Screening: Dog Soldiers (15)

Director: Neil Marshall, United Kingdom, 2002, 105 mins.

On a standard training exercise in the Scottish Highlands, a squad of British soldiers must evade capture and escape to safety. On discovering the sole survivor of an unidentified enemy assault, they seek refuge in an apparently abandoned farmhouse but soon find themselves under attack.