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French GCSE Study Morning: La Famille Bélier

Recommended for GCSE and equivalent level French

This study morning will look at relevant themes including young people, family, rural France and the role of popular song in French culture.

Isabelle Vanderschelden will introduce the film in English, providing contextual information, key French phrases and relevant vocabulary. The screening will include English subtitles and will be followed by a series of French language exercises around character studies and intercultural differences.

Led by Isabelle Vanderschelden, Head of French at Manchester Metropolitan University

Screening: La Famille Bélier (The Bélier Family) (12A)
Dir Eric Lartigau / France 2014 / 106 mins / In French with English Subtitles / Karin Viard / François Damiens / Eric Elmosnino

La Famille Bélier is a French comedy drama about a teenage girl who interprets for her deaf family and has a dilemma when her teacher encourages her singing ambitions.


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