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French AS Study Day: Un homme à la hauteur

Recommended for AS and equivalent level French

This study day will look at comedy devices, relationships and will address the issue of social prejudice.

Isabelle Vanderschelden will introduce the film in French, providing contextual information on popular genres in French cinema, the role of stars and how cultural issues are present in romantic comedies. A few short exercises will provide key vocabulary to help understand the film better.
The screening will be followed after lunch by a series of language exercises in French on the film, focusing on its characters, themes and use of comedy.

Led by Isabelle Vanderschelden, Head of French at Manchester Metropolitan University

Screening: Un homme à la hauteur (Up for Love) (12A)
Dir Laurent Tirard / France 2016 / 98mins / In French with English Subtitles / Jean Dujardin / Virginie Efira / Cédric Kahn
Virginie Efira stars as Dianne, a successful lawyer who’s been unlucky in love. She gets an unexpected phone call from a stranger who’s found her cell phone and wants to return it. The stranger, Alexandre (Jean Dujardin), is funny and charming, and as the conversation goes on, the two seem to hit it off and agree to a date of sorts. But, quelle horreur, Alexandre turns out to be so short, he has to jump up to sit in the café chair. Dianne is tempted to walk away on the spot. Problem is, apart from his diminutive stature, Alexandre is the total package. Can love ensue…?

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