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FRENCH A2 Study Session: Potiche

Recommended for: A2 and equivalent level French

Capacity: 158 places

This study morning will look at the cultural context of Potiche and some of the main themes covered in the film – women’s movements in the 1970s and feminist ideas, the world of work, France and strike movements.

Led by Isabelle Vanderschelden, Senior Lecturer in French, Manchester Metropolitan University

Screening: Potiche 15

Dir François Ozon / France 2010 / 103 mins /  In French with English subtitles

Catherine Deneuve stars in Ozon’s satirical comedy as Suzanne, the wife of a despotic company exec taken hostage by his own downtrodden workers. Stepping in to manage the company in his absence, Suzanne proves herself to be more than a mere trophy wife and blossoms as a competent and confident leader.