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Frank Sidebottom’s Celebrity Sleepover

Following the screening on Wed 10 Apr, 20:20, stay in your seats to enjoy the exclusive, rare pilot episode of Frank Sidebottom’s Celebrity Sleepover. Aired over 20 years ago on regional television, this episode features Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke from The Smiths.

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Manchester native Chris Sievey dreamed of pop-music stardom but belated recognition only came incognito, through his loveably anarchic creation. Working from Sievey’s own exhaustive self-documentation (old cassettes, degraded video) and deftly incorporating interviews with loved ones and admirers (including former band members DJ Mark Radcliffe and Frank’s co-screenwriter Jon Ronson), director Steve Sullivan assembles a compelling portrait of a mercurial, often tortured artist with a chequered private life.