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Filmmaker Masterclass: Brian Benson

Cousin Wonderlette is the innocent yet outrageous alter-ego of San Francisco filmmaker Brian Benson, successor to such underground royalty as John Waters, the Kuchar Brothers and Troma’s B-movie stable. In this exclusive presentation, Brian will talk about how to concept, write, produce, budget, schedule and direct short film using clips and behind-the-scenes stills. This will include working with 2-person to 40-person crews, making low-budget special effects, securing locations and set construction, casting for comedic effect and appropriating ideas and dialogue from other movies.

Brian will also be sharing behind-the-scenes stories from his experience of independent feature-film production, including the forthcoming Sorry To Bother You, (LaKeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Armie Hammer, Danny Glover, Terry Crew), Diary Of A Teenage Girl (Kristin Wiig, Alexander Skarsgard) and Dolores, a documentary about civil rights leader Dolores Huerta.

The following day, Sat 1 Dec, we will be showing the first UK retrospective of shorts by Brian in our special screening and accompanying Q&A, The Wonderful World of Cousin Wonderlette.