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Online/ Essential Introduction to Film Studies

This online course is an introduction to essential terms and theories used in film analysis. In the five weeks of the course, you will learn how filmmakers communicate complex ideas through the use of cinematography, editing and sound, and you will be able to use this information to enjoy deeper, more detailed conversations about the art of cinema.  

 Course outline:  

Week 1 – Tue 6 Sep
The first session of the course will open our eyes to the use of space, setting, props and lighting in film. We will also consider the significance of these elements in relation to film genre. 

Week 2 – Tue 13 Sep
In the second session, we will delve into the art of camera movement, angles, lenses and framing. We will then discuss theories of film authorship as well as the styles of several film auteurs. 

Week 3 – Tue 20 Sep
Our third session together will be dedicated to the often-neglected element of sound in film. While learning to acknowledge the role of sound effects and music in our cinematic experiences, we will also consider how film can affect our senses beyond sight and hearing. 

Week 4 – Tue 27 Sep
In this session we will examine multiple ways films can be put together to create (or distort) stories and characters. Additionally, we will analyse the power relationships between the camera and its subject. 

Week 5 – Tue 4 Oct
The final session will be dedicated to interpreting the subtle craft of acting and performance. We will conclude the course by applying our newly gained skills of analysis to our favourite film scenes. 

Each session will be 90 mins. 

No prior knowledge of film is needed. Attendees must be over 18.  

Led by Monika Kukolova, Lecturer at the University of Salford.

The course will take place on Zoom and participants will be contacted a few days before the start of the course with details.