ESOL Study Session

Recommended for ESOL Entry Level 3 and above.

Capacity: 158 places.

BRASSED OFF allows students to examine social issues and introduces them to Thatcher’s Britain. A rousing musical score and a budding romance complete this film which provides students with many heated discussion topics.

Led by Michaela Salmon, ESOL Manager at Manchester Adult Education Service.

Includes a screening of BRASSED OFF (15)
Director: Mark Herman, UK, 1996, 107mins

Mark Herman’s BRASSED OFF is a comedy set in a Yorkshire mining community. As the pit comes under threat of closure, the colliery brass band, led by an extremely proud yet dangerously ill miner (Pete Postlethwaite), also comes under threat as the members discuss giving up the band. The arrival of a young, pretty and female horn player rekindles the men’s enthusiasm for the band until it is revealed that she is working for the pit management who threaten the community’s existence.