DIY Ballroom Live

DIY Ballroom Live

susan pui san lok

Cathedral Gardens (Outside Urbis)

DIY Ballroom / Live is a new commission for the Bigger Picture, produced for display on big screens. Drawing on footage in the online public domain, DIY Ballroom explores amateur participation in ballroom dancing as a vehicle and arena for both cultural nostalgia and aspiration, and as representative of a heterogeneous culture, both local and international.

DIY Ballroom Live is a site-specific event that will take place alongside a screening of the video work. Following on from last year’s Mobile Ballroom (a flashmob gathering instigated by the artist at London’s Vauxhall station) amateur dancers – young, old, and new – are invited to take to take to the floor in a seemingly spontaneous formation. DIY Ballroom / Live aims to reflect the diverse, local ‘amateur’ constituencies that both sustain and subvert notions of ‘standards’ and the ‘international’. Sharing the same soundtrack, action in the street and on the screen will be momentarily mirrored via a live feed. Whether you’re a fan and enthusiast, or an absolute beginner, get ready to dress up, show up and make the world your ballroom!

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