DepicT! 90 second shorts

During August and into the Autumn we will screening short digital films – each just 90 seconds long – from DepicT! For the past ten years, DepicT! – Watershed’s popular online 90 second short filmmaking competition – has been challenging filmmakers from across the globe to come up with a compelling, imaginative idea and distil it into a minute and a half. This year’s selection includes animation, comedy, live action and experimental work. Look out for DepicT! shorts screening before main features in our cinemas.

Take a look at our online films guide to find out which short is screened with which main feature

The films selected to be screened are:

07 Shortlist

Operator (U)

Dir: Matthew Walker

A man makes a phone call to God to ask Him a burning question

The Picnic (PG)

Dir: David Gilbert

A family picnic turns very sour…

Showdown at Yohoko Valley (U)

Dirs: Theo Jamieson/Joseph Wallace

An animation about the devastating events which took place at Yohoko Valley.

State of Nature (U)

Dir: Joseph Pierce

An introspective look at the minutiae of a hidden world through an animation shot entirely on a digital stills camera.

The Tales of Donkey the Whale (PG)

Dirs: Chris Corner & Dave Ezra

After meeting on MySpace, Dave (story and soundtrack) and Chris (direction and animation) collaborated to chronicle Donkey the Whale’s visit to the zoo.

Breather (U)

Dir: Peter Snowdon

A man finds a stone outside his house. He picks it up – with unexpected results…

Finding Clarity (PG)

Dir: Kevin Bar’trum

One man’s way of finding peace of mind.

The Forgotten Comic (U)

Dir: David Handley/Simon Ball

Before Little Britain, The Fast Show or even The Goons Show came the original catchphrase comic. But who is Tommy Handley?

Moon Shot UK (U)

Dir: James Harris

The first UK moon landing goes skew whiff.

Oops! (U)

Dir: Trevor Hardy

One brave knight, one trusty steed and a helpless princess; what could possibly go wrong? A short film about bravery and clumsiness.


Audience Favourites

The End (U)

Dir: Rob Crowther & Tim Clayton

You have 90 seconds to live… all of you!

Geoff, World Destroyer (PG)

Dir: Phil Hall

An old man attempts to teach social inclusion to some kids by way of an ultra modern fable.

How to Tell When a Relationship Is Over (PG)

Dir: Tony Roche

Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Girl gets sick of boy. Boy gets sick of girl. Big fight. The end.

Le Cheval (U)

Dir: Stephen Scott-Hayward/Alex Kirkland

A humourous short about a man who just wants to be a horse. A tiny slice of the absurd – don’t blink!

Brian’s Breakdown (U)

Dir: Natalie Kavanagh

As Brian sits in the psychiatrist’s chair, he is unable to follow her instructions, for his mind is taking him to a different place.

Donut (U)

Dir: Hazel Grian

“They said a terrorist could attack at any time. I didn’t know it was me!” JFK assassination spoof.

Screen Kiss (12A)

Dir: Steven Sander

Behind the scenes of a movie snog.

Flighty (U)

Dir: Leigh Hodgkinson

With an average lifespan of just a few weeks, speed-dating seems the perfect solution for butterflies.

Pemba (PG)

Dir: Marc Hilltout/Pascal Colson

Africa is dying… to play football.

La Flamme (PG)

Dir: Ron Dyens

Set in the seaside town of Deauville, a pair of lovebirds find themselves on the beach but technical difficulties get in the way…

Screening before the main feature is the following short film, showing as part of Depict! 90 second shorts: