Presented by Deutsche Kinemathek & HOME

DEFA: Genre in Service of the State

DEFA (Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft) was in charge of film production in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) from 1946 to 1982. Whilst driven by a desire to produce work that supported the politics of the state, as part of its output DEFA made a series of genre-based films aimed at engaging the East German public through cinema. 

These films often reflected wider cycles of genre production across Europe and Hollywood, but with a clear East German take on their codes and conventions. This included spy films, westerns, science fiction, fantasy films, animation and teen pics. This season offers the opportunity for audiences to see a range of genre films produced by DEFA and reflecting the politics of the Cold War era. 

Presented in partnership with the Deutsche Kinemathek. Curated by Andy Willis, HOME’s Senior Visiting Curator: Film and Professor of Film Studies at the University of Salford.