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Day Course/ Federico Fellini

“Felliniesque” has become a popular synonym associated with the grotesque, the satirical, and the surreal in Federico Fellini’s films. In our Day Course, we are going to explore the elements which made Fellini’s films magical and unique.

In particular:

  • Moving from Neorealism to “neo-socialist-realism”
  • The human condition as spiritual rather than economic poverty
  • Metaphorical characterisation and the impact of actor Giulietta Masina
  • The concept of grace and salvation
  • The influence of “Commedia dell’arte” and morality play

This beginners’ level course includes a full screening of Fellini’s Le Notti di Cabiria.

Led by Adalgisa Serio, Italian Language Tutor CDLCI and freelance Language Consultant.

We will be screening Nights of Cabiria on Sat 1 Feb. Ticket included as part of this course. 

Co-written with Pier Paolo Pasolini, Nights of Cabiria sees Fellini bring Giulietta Masina centre stage once more for the story of an unfailingly optimistic prostitute and her misadventures in and around the Eternal City. The film was the inspiration for Neil Simon’s 1966 musical Sweet Charity, which itself was adapted for the screen by Bob Fosse three years later.