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David Hoyle: Rebellion

Out of the darkness and loneliness of life in lock-down David Hoyle returns to the stage lights of his beloved home town of Manchester to create an opportunity for healing, a coming together in mutual love and support and an opportunity to create a rebellion. The Fireball of the cabaret apocalypse, David is the original performance avalanche – an all singing, all raging bona-fide performance legend. He has appeared in his own Channel 4 TV series, in films and on-stages worldwide. Manchester is his home and you, the audience, his family – ‘only in unity’, David tells us, ‘will we find strength’.

With special guest Joshua Hubbard and more.


David Hoyle, winner of ‘ICON’ and ‘ORIGINALITY’ – QX Awards 2019.

’The greatest living performer’ – Justin Vivian Bond

‘He is raw, sometimes frightening, but also thrilling in his look-no-hands recklessness’ – The Guardian

’There is nothing quite like it: bold and unique, electrifying and disarmingly humane’ – Time Out