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Dave Haslam Book Launch

Nightclubs and music venues can change lives, define a town, and breed scenes and bands that make music history. Dave Haslam’s new book, Life After Dark, takes us from vice-ridden Victorian venues to acid house and beyond; from Mecca dance halls to mods in basement dives; from psychedelic light shows to high street discos; from the Roxy to the Hacienda; from the Krays to the Slits; and from reggae sound systems to rave nights in Stoke.

This Life After Dark book event will include Dave Haslam in-conversation with a panel of guests, and a surprise musical finale. The panel features Bruce Mitchell (Durutti Column), Kath McDermott (Flesh/HomoElectric), Graeme Park (Hacienda) and Pete Wylie (Wah!).

Copies of Life After Dark: A History of British Nightclubs & Music Venues will be on sale at the night with a special £5 discount.

The event will be followed by DJs in the ground floor bar, until 22:30.

For more information about the book please click here.