Curious Sound: Performance and Discussion

This event welcomes artists Helmut Lemke, Bob Levene, and Lee Patterson to Cornerhouse to perform their work live and join a related discussion with artist Hayley Newman and David Toop, musician, author and curator of Sonic Boom at Hayward Gallery. The afternoon will consider the diverse approaches of each performer and how these relate to the differing methodologies of low-fi and electroacoustic sound art.

Helmut Lemke has worked for more than 25 years with time and location, sound installation and performance. Bob Levene’s practice stems from her interest in sound and its relationship to what produces it. Both are exhibiting work at Cornerhouse. Hayley Newman began her performance career in the early 1990s with much of her solo work involving sound and its direct relation to the body. She has performed and exhibited extensively in Europe and North America. Lee Patterson uses the inherent sonic possibilities of everyday objects and places to make his work, seeking to reveal the unexpected audio potential of seemingly mute objects.