Cinema Artois

To celebrate the arrival of the continental ‘La Demi Artois’, Stella Artois and Cornerhouse bring you a weekend of French films with a special kind of joie de vivre. After the films, relax in the café and pretend you’re on the Champs-Elysées with a FREE bottle of ‘La Demi Artois’, the perfect complement to any of the choices from our special weekend menu of French sidewalk café cuisine. To get your free ‘Demi Artois’, bring your ticket stub for any one of these three special screenings to the café-bar and exchange it for one of the stylish new bottles.

Previously in this season

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Madame Souza raises grandson Champion & his puppy. Noticing the boy's love of cycles, she trains him for the Tour de France. When he's kidnapped…

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Love Me if You Dare

The New French Romantic comedy, and a crazy game of dares.

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