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Chinese Film Forum UK/ The Six post-screening discussion

This screening is followed by a post-screening discussion with Yang-wen Zheng, Professor of Chinese History at the University of Manchester. The event will be hosted by Peter Gries, Lee Kai Hung Chair and founding director of the Manchester China Institute and Professor of Chinese Politics.

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When RMS Titanic sank on a cold night in 1912, barely 700 people escaped with their lives. Among them were six Chinese men. Arriving in New York with the other survivors, the six were met not with compassion, but suspicion and slander. Less than 24 hours later, they were expelled from the country, and then vanished. What became of them, and why did they disappear so completely?

In an epic journey that crosses continents, an international team of investigators sets out to uncover the truth about the six Chinese, and to right a century-old injustice. For the first time, we discover who these men really were, tracing their origins and tracking down descendants denied access to their history. The Six is an extraordinary story of survival and dignity in the face of racism and anti-immigrant policy that still reverberates today.

Supported by UK-China Film Collab