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Chanje Kunda: How To Make It As A Performance Artist

Are you pursuing a career as a performance artist?

Are you looking for a sustainable career and ways to tour your work?

Would you like to travel nationally and internationally with your work?

Then join Chanje Kunda for this workshop as she talks through her career to date, making her new show Plant Fetish and how to successfully raise funds and market your work. This will include topics such as:

– looking at income streams for performing arts including arts council, commissions, crowdfunding.

– covering how fundraising works as the lead artist on the project

– how to brand and market your work and build audiences, how to run a successful social media campaign

– having a physical or mental health condition should not be a barrier to having a successful career and this will be touched upon

-the steps it takes to achieve a sustainable career that includes making and touring work both nationally and internationally.

During this workshop you will be talked through all of the points mentioned and be given hand outs to take away and move forward with. There will be plenty of space for conversation and ability to ask questions.