Celebrating Syria

Arts and culture are important components of any national identity. Syrian communities abroad keep alive this vital link to their beleaguered homeland through several cultural activities.

Organised by Rethink Rebuild Society, ‘Celebrating Syria’ festival brings together Syrian artists, writers, filmmakers and performers, from around the world, and helps them share their rich and varied culture with the people of Manchester and beyond.

Manchester is home to a large Syrian community who arrived here before and after the conflict. Celebrating Syria draws them together to share the art and culture of their homeland with the wider community in Manchester, adding to the diversity of this great multicultural city.

We are delighted to continue this association with the city, and build on the success of the previous two festivals. see more at www.celebratingsyria.org

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Celebrating Syria presents/ The Day I Lost My Shadow + Post-Screening Discussion

Post-screening discussion facilitated by Mustafa Alachkar from Rethink Rebuild Society, the organiser of Celebrating Syria Festival.

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