British Film Stars: Julie Christie

An iconic British film star, Julie Christie came to prominence in the 1960s, epitomising that era for many. She went on to work in Hollywood, her intelligent screen performances leading to Christie becoming one of the film industry’s most sought-after actors. In January 2023, HOME celebrates her career, with a number of films that reveal her nuanced skills as a screen performer.

In this season


Sun 8 Jan

Perhaps the classic film of the swinging London era, in Darling Julie Christie gives an Oscar-winning performance as a young model with an eye on…

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Fahrenheit 451

Sun 15 Jan

Starring Julie Christie and Oskar Werner, François Truffaut’s adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic science fiction tale of a fireman who comes to question his role…

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The Go-Between

Sun 22 Jan

Director Joseph Losey and screenwriter Harold Pinter bring a steely intelligence to the period drama with this adaptation of L.P. Hartley’s story of an illicit…

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Cult/ Demon Seed

Fri 27 Jan

After a scientist creates Proteus, an organic super-computer with artificial intelligence, it slowly becomes obsessed with its creator's wife, memorably played by Julie Christie. Cammell’s…

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Heat and Dust

Sun 29 Jan

When Anne, a striking performance from Julie Christie, discovers a long-forgotten family scandal involving her great-aunt Olivia’s affair with an Indian man whilst her husband…

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