Book Launch: Dinu Li: Mother of all Journeys

Join us to celebrate the launch of this new collection of photographs by Dinu Li, whose work features in our exhibition Central Asian Project.

Photography, film and video artist Dinu Li is a second generation British Chinese who explores the memories of his 80 -year-old mother through a series of colour photographs, accompanied by family snapshots and his mother’s narration. Over the course of the book, Li’s photographs teases out fragmented moments in time, charting a journey spanning across Southern China, Hong Kong and Northern England.

Since 2001, Li worked in collaboration with his mother, using each other’s recollections of her memories as starting points. On their journeys, they have attempted to photograph the exact sites of her stories. Comparing the actual with figments of their imagination, they have discovered old haunts transformed beyond recognition, and yet bewitched to find some places unchanged by time. The Mother of All Journeys triggers a sense of repetition and nostalgia, invoking glimpses of the epochs we live through.