Bimonthly Experimental Screenings

Every two months, Cornerhouse takes you on a journey through experimental screenings and artists’ video. The screenings are followed by Q&As with the artist filmmakers.

Previously in this season

Bata-ville: We are not afraid of the future

Screening as part of Cornerhouse's new bimonthly screenings of experimental film and video. BATA-VILLE documents a journey across Europe to the Czech Republic and to…

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Somewhere Else

The second of Cornerhouse's new bi-monthly experimental screenings, is a programme of short films that complement the British Art Show 6.

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Renegade Soundwaves

When commercial stations don't meet public demand, radio enthusiasts take things into their own hands. For the third in this new series of bi-monthly experimental…

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Composed entirely of decaying, nitrate-based archival footage which seems to melt, burn, drip and deteriorate before our very eyes, DECASIA is set to an eerie…

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Hong Kong: City on a Precipice

A programme of award winning documentary and experimental films, video and moving image works straight from the shores of Hong Kong.

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