Berlin Now Film Season

For pioneering filmmakers, Berlin has long been a source of fascination and inspiration. The films we’ve chosen for Berlin Now are not all set in the present day, but share themes and commonalities beyond the use of Berlin as location. Each captures Berlin at a particularly important point in its recent history. A Coffee in Berlin has been rarely screened in the UK and is fascinating. Yella is something of an exception. The film is not set in Berlin but is the work of Christian Petzold, a leading figure in the Berliner Schule.

Previously in this season


An effective metaphysical thriller. A young woman leaves her old life - and possessive husband - to start a new job in finance. But things…

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Victoria, a young Spanish woman, dances through the Berlin scene with abandon. She meets four outsiders and forms a romantic bond with one of them.…

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A Coffee in Berlin

A love-letter to the city of Berlin and Generation Y, depicting a day-in-the-life of twenty-something law school dropout Niko.

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Christiane F.

A gritty drama based on the true confessions of 13-year-old Christiane who becomes embroiled in the 1970s West Berlin drug scene.

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