BCN and Beyond

Three films from Barcelona lead off this selection.A young boy’s exciting summer is chronicled in MY HOLIDAYS (J.A. Bayonas, 1999, 12m); A close encounter between 5 gay men happens in a darkened BACK ROOM (Guillem Morales, 1999, 10m – unsubtitled); ); ALICE (9 m) is the 1995 sensual vampire short by the director of the NAMELESS, Jaume Balagueró; In THE DAY I SAW KARIN (Félix Viscarret, 10 m), a college student tries to remember all the events of the specific day (made in English); From Achero Mañas, the director of CAZADORES, ARTIFICIAL PARADISES (1998, 18 m) follows Pablo’s expectations and experiences with various drugs ; FOR A DECEASED INFANT (Tinieblas González, 1998, 9 m) sees a child learn to hate when he unexpected loses his innocence; DO YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW? (Faemino, Jureao & Blanco, 1998, 6 m) “A six minutes of hilarious and spectacular Neosurrealism”.PLEASE NOTE: PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGE.