b.tween 09 live webcast – part 2

  • 10:20 Keynote : Charles Leadbeater – Manifesto for Mutual Media

Connected technologies enable new ways of interacting with media and with communities, through a variety of packed interchanges between producer, content creator and user. The social potential of these technologies is immense – and the turmoil around them equally massive

The key organising principle behind success in this new mutual landscape – in public, private, political, commercial, cultural sectors – lies in whether organisations are willing to share, and what can be shared

Established notions of ownership and control are challenged – audiences refuse to be trapped into walled gardens and will run to free pastures if attempts are made to hamper their movement. It is difficult to imagine where traditional structures fit into changing models

Traditional organisations need to understand the nature of this powerful beast, to put content out there and watch where it goes and what their communities are saying about it

In this short, powerful presentation, Charles will show how concepts of New Media are dead by exploring new behaviours, languages and paradigms evolving around mutual media on social platforms

  • 10:40  When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth – session sponsored by the Guardian

Speakers: Peter Buckingham (UKFC), Jane Finnis (Culture 24), Will Gompertz (Tate Media), John Newbigin

Our big established cultural institutions – museums, art galleries, libraries and archives – have spent decades and even centuries developing the ways in which they allow, and control, public access to their collections

Now they are having to re-invent how they function – not just how they interact with the public but how they organise their collections, their research, their language, and their staff teams. Find out how some of the leading edge practitioners are wrestling with the big questions of how to develop the software, digital architecture, tools, partnerships – and rights management – they need to survive and prosper in the new world

  • 12.00 – 12:45 Boom & Bust 2.0?

Speakers: Jon Mitchell (Spotify), Michael Nutley (NMA),William Owen (Made by Many), Giles Rhys-Jones (Ogilvy)

The race is on to grow the most populated, frenetic, loyal online network – and investors are piling in funds to support the race

Certain platforms dominate the landscape (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), but online success has its cost. More user activity means more content to host, more server space and more money to keep them alive. How will these money pits ever make the investors the profit they expect? Are we careering towards the next boom and bust?

Social networks raise revenue from their communities in a number of ways – cashing in on user information, advertising, subscription, selling virtual goods – but do they really turn page impressions into enough hard cash to cover mounting costs? How can larger corporations can gain real value through the use of social platforms What is the end game?

We have all seen what happens when old media mentality tears horrifically onto new media platforms. The session will explore how, and if, new entrants – including brands and traditional media – should engage with social media

This panel will share their experiences, good and bad, and explore what a successful future might look like

The b.TWEEN 09 Interactive Digital Media Forum brings together a host of digital pioneers and thought leaders from TV, advertising, web, social networking and features a superb array of speakers from Mark Earls (consultant and author of HERD), Charles Leadbeater (leading authority on innovation and creativity and author of ‘We Think’), Kelly Sweeney (Head of Origional Productions , Bebo) and many more ….

bTWEEN 09 takes place at FACT in Liverpool on the 11th and 12th of June. This year, for the first time, Watershed in Bristol and Cornerhouse in Manchester are hosting a series of live webcasts of bTWEEN sessions

bTWEEN are already experts in the streaming game, having offered live chat and video coverage for the last couple of years. This builds upon that offer, inviting audiences in the two cinemas to interact with the presenters, delegates and each other via twitter, chat and a video link, hopefully resulting in a more textured discussion around the issues and questions that arise.

The stream will be live at cornerhouse in the mornings of 11 and 12 June. Attendance is free and recommended for creative individuals, cultural organisations and commercial agencies alike. This is the perfect opportunity to hear leading figures talk about their practices and for you to get inspired; all in a busy working day!

The webcast is free but space is limited though, so book your free ticket now!