b.tween 09 live webcast – part 1

The b.TWEEN 09 Interactive Digital Media Forum brings together a host of digital pioneers and thought leaders from TV, advertising, web, social networking and features a superb array of speakers from Mark Earls (consultant and author of HERD), Charles Leadbeater (leading authority on innovation and creativity and author of ‘We Think’), Kelly Sweeney (Head of Origional Productions , Bebo) and many more ….

bTWEEN 09 takes place at FACT in Liverpool on the 11th and 12th of June. This year, for the first time, Watershed in Bristol and Cornerhouse in Manchester are hosting a series of live webcasts of bTWEEN sessions

bTWEEN are already experts in the streaming game, having offered live chat and video coverage for the last couple of years. This builds upon that offer, inviting audiences in the two cinemas to interact with the presenters, delegates and each other via twitter, chat and a video link, hopefully resulting in a more textured discussion around the issues and questions that arise.

The stream will be live at cornerhouse in the mornings of 11 and 12 June (detailed programme can be found in the menu on the left). Attendance is free and recommended for creative individuals, cultural organisations and commercial agencies alike. This is the perfect opportunity to hear leading figures talk about their practices and for you to get inspired; all in a busy working day!

The webcast is free but space is limited though, so book your free ticket now.

  • 9.50 – 10:10 – Keynote : Mark Earls – “Being Human”

“Who are we? Given the challenges we currently face – in business and the broader world, now seems a good time to check in on what the behavioral and cognitive sciences have been discovering over the last couple of decades about humans & human behaviour.

Far from being the thinking, calculating, independent creatures that classical economics and our parents would like us to be, we humans are much smarter than than that: we are ‘super social apes’. Mark highlights some of the important insights for his work and raises some questions for the rest of us”

  • 10.10 – 10:55 Telling Tales

Speakers: Brad King (Ball State Uni), Alfie Dennen (Agit8), Dan Hon (Six to Start), Alex Fleetwood (Hide & Seek Festival), Kelly Sweeney (Bebo)

A long, long time ago, in a mediascape that feels very, very far away, groups of people would sit together staring at a single screen, or listening to a radio. Storytellers told them stories that had a beginning, a middle, and an end

Then one day, a funny thing happened, and everything started to change. A new wave of story-tellers have ripped apart the rules and are exploring what new narratives might look like across a distributed landscape. The new narrative forms come in many shapes and sizes, blurring the lines between producers that produce and consumers that consume. Their success is based on the strength of the communities that surround them – but how can the few early adopters be mobilised to create a product that is valuable to commissioners?

These four speakers come from very different backgrounds, bridging the gap between commercial and creative narratives, and tell their stories in very different ways

  • 10.55 – 11:40 Brand Grenades, Sacred Cows

Speakers: Michael Bayler, Thomas Benski (Pulse), Jamie Conygham (Dojo) Morgan Holt (HUGE)

What is branded content, where did it come from and what does success look like?

A tale is told across a changing and shaky industrial landscape. Brands, it is said, in an attempt to open new conversations with new audiences, will become content commissioners

Brands gain loyalty from the new sophisticated consumer by creating real value for them. Digital pioneers have the experience and ideas to help them in this quest

If this is the case, where do traditional agencies fit into non-traditional structures? What would more appropriate agencies look like? What do Brands look like, how do they sound. What is the best way to start a conversation with them?

This panel will kick some sacred cows and lob a few brand grenades at some of the myths that have sprung up around the Holy Grail of Branded Content